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Redirection provides a low-cost entry level to start making use of your domain name and begin to brand your email and web messages with your personalised name

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Web and email redirection services

For those not yet ready for a full web site we offer some scaled-down hosting services, including our “redirection” services, where we redirect your domain name, personal web and email address to existing email address and web space.

We offer a choice of plans providing and mix of email and/or web forwarding to suit your requirements.

All plans with web forwarding including “cloaking” or framed redirection allowing you to disguise the redirected-to address from your site visitors so they just see your domain name.

All plans with email forwarding include free advanced anti-spam and anti-virus features including various DNS-based blacklists, greylisting, SpamAssassin message analysis and scoring and high quality virus filtering.

Plan Name Price per month
(includes GST)
Price per year
(includes GST)
Email Forwarding Web Forwarding
Redirection Web Only $8.95 $80.55 - Yes
Redirection Single Email $8.95 $80.55 Single email address -
Redirection Lite (Web + Single Email) $13.33 $119.99 Single email address Yes
Redirection Email Only $15.95 $143.55 Unlimited email addresses including catch-all -
Redirection Web+Email $19.95 $179.55 Unlimited email addresses including catch-all Yes